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Beautiful Earth
Reusable Produce Bags

made in Humboldt County, California


Thank you for taking a step towards reducing the
trillions of plastic bags consumed each year!

A Bag of Many Uses

Fruits, veggies, grains, bulk items, sprouting, herb baths, poultices,
food straining, nut milks, tinctures, soup stocks.

Keep your food plastic free!

Keep Veggies Fresh!

  • Breathable

  • 100% unbleached cotton cheesecloth or

  • 100% Organic cotton

  • For moisture-loving veggies, wet bag thoroughly, squeeze out excess & store veggies in crisper drawer. Moisture from the bag will lengthen the life of your veggies.

  • Reusable Produce Bag that helps sustain a Beautiful Earth

Light and Sturdy

Veggie bags weigh about the same as paper bags of similar size. Machine wash and dry, warm. Bags will soften & shrink a bit, tightening the weave and adding durability.


"I love your bags, they're great!"
-S.L. Eureka, CA

"I brought my veggie bags out back packing in the middle of the summer and was able to eat fresh, crunchy veggies for 5 days! I would soak the bag cold water and hang it in cool, shady place and it worked great."
- P.P. Blue Lake, CA

"I am a cook and plastic is bad for vegetables. I use the veggie bags for all my grains and greens, and my veggies are "happier" as a result. I give the bags as gifts whenever possible, to encourage friends and family to reduce their use of plastic."
- N.F. Arcata, CA

"I am one of your happy customers. Every time I buy in bulk or buy produce, I use one of you super cloth bags and feel really good about saving plastic bags. I don't know why I don't see more people using them. I also enjoy the feel of the bags. They are cozy. I also like the idea that there's no plastic on my food."
- C.S. Freshwater, CA